Restaurants & Bars

Hotel Kangerlussuaq offers numerous options to fill empty bellies.

We boast no less than two food outlets where you can enjoy a delicious meal. If you stay at our hotel, you can visit our restaurant, cafeteria or bar, and non-resident guests are equally welcome.

One of the things that we excel at here at Hotel Kangerlussuaq is preparing delicious food. We are fortunate enough to have some of Greenland’s most talented chefs in our kitchen and they can conjure up delicious, authentic food for you, prepared with care and using Greenlandic ingredients.

At Hotel Kangerlussuaq, you can order a multiple course gourmet dinner in our restaurant, or you can order a quick, simple and tasty dish in our cafeteria. And if you’re thirsty or in need of coffee, visit our Green Bar near the reception desk.


Enjoy an intimate dinner in our gourmet restaurant

In our ‘Restaurant Muskox’, we can offer you a unique culinary experience. Take a look at our menu and let some of Greenland’s most talented chefs prepare a delicious gourmet dinner for you, which you can enjoy in our cosy and atmospheric restaurant.

Our menu is seasonal, as we strive to serve our guests delicious food made from fresh ingredients. You’ll see from our menu that we only serve a limited selection of dishes in our restaurant. This is because it allows us to optimise the quality of our dishes, ensuring that we only serve the tastiest food for you and your guests. 

Enjoy a quick and simple meal in our cafeteria

If you prefer a simpler and faster meal than a three-course dinner in our restaurant, visit our cosy cafeteria. Here we offer tasty homemade food that our talented chefs have taken the time to cook from scratch.

How about a musk ox burger or reindeer with mushrooms a la creme? You can buy it in our cafeteria at a price that everyone can afford. At Hotel Kangerlussuaq, we have something for everyone, at every price and for every occasion.


Visit our Green Bar

You’ll find our Green Bar by the entrance, just off the reception area. Here you can order a warm and tasty café latte in the afternoon, or a delicious, exotic drink later in the evening.

The bar is decorated in a cosy and stylish way, making you want to spend a little more time here. Whether you’re here with a friend, a special someone or a colleague, enjoy a classic gin and tonic or a full-bodied cognac as a little nightcap. We’ll do our best to give you an enjoyable time in our bar, where we can make you all sorts of delicious drinks, not to mention our popular Greenlandic coffee.

Book a table in our restaurant

Would you like to book a table in our popular and well-frequented restaurant? Book a table here or send an e-mail to the restaurant. Contact the restaurant staff by writing to Or call the reception on (+299) 84 11 80 and be directed to the restaurant.

We look forward to welcoming you to Hotel Kangerlussuaq and to serving you our delicious food in our restaurant or cafeteria.